Everyone at Arbee is here for a reason. They are passionate, honest, focused, resourceful, intelligent and they have a healthy amount of integrity. These characteristics are within everyone. And they are what make Arbee amazing.

Founder & Chairman of Arbee group

Raju P K

Raju P K is the founder and chairman of Arbee group of companies, which is one of the leading fish oil companies in the world. He is the backbone of Arbee group, a passionate and dedicated champion who uplifts the moto “never give up, nothing is impossible” with a deep interest in natural products and agriculture. He is also an aspiring, encouraging and motivating personality, inspiring the team members to think positively and aspire their dreams.

For the last 37 years P K Raju has guided the Arbee agencies headquartered in Kerala, India from a small fish oil trading business to the current Arbee group of companies. Today Arbee has 5 manufacturing units and offices globally with different modes of operation and varieties of products. With production capacity of more than 800 MT per month, employing more than 200 personals with an annual turnover of over 50million USD’s Arbee holds a major share in this segment which is only possible because he led the entire team from the front.

Opportunities are like vast ocean, the more you dare to explore the more you achieve


Mrs Alice Raju

A man’s success has a lot to do with the kind of woman he chooses to have in his life. Mr P K Raju’s and Mrs Alice Raju’s life is a perfect example for that. Mrs Alice Raju was a strong woman who was part of Mr P K Raju’s struggle and helped him survive and succeed and together they build an empire which is worth millions now. She set a solid example for the statement,

Behind every successful man is not a woman. She is beside him, she is with him, not behind him.

Director Arbee group

Bibin Raj

Bibin Raj the director of Arbee group is the elder son of Founder & Chairman Mr. Raju P K. Coming from a business background soon after his graduation he decided to follow the footsteps of his father in accomplishing the vision of Arbee group. Understanding the importance of backward integration and sustainability of fish oil products and utilizing the by-product to get a new product range ‘fish meal’ he stepped in as Managing Director of Arbee Aquatic Proteins Pvt Ltd. Currently Arbee Aquatic Proteins is one of the major source of revenue generation of Arbee group. This shows his aggressive and timely decision making power understanding the market potential and exploiting it properly to survive in this highly competitive world.

Healthy lifestyle is related to self control and to the worship of life in its natural form brings happiness renewed youth and long life.

Director Arbee group / Omeganutri

Nithin Raj

Mr. Nithin Raj the director of Arbee group is the younger son of Founder & Chairman Mr. P K Raju. Soon after graduating as a software engineer he also accompanied his father in making the vision of Arbee group come true. He initially started his service with Arbee Biomarine Extracts Pvt Ltd. Driven by the knowledge of fish oil, and love for science, he was inspired to advance fish oil quality and industry standards thereby adding a new dimension to Arbee group through Omeganurti. Pioneering research and development capabilities enabled him to explore and develop vitamin-enriched, Omega-3 rich, de-odorized sardine fish oil into consumer market supplements for pets. It was his soul effort and courage that led him to step out of the bulk business to consumer market. Today Omeganutri is supplying quality pet supplements across the globe.

Being strong advocates for sustainable and responsible harvests of fish oil with purity, quality and freshness, we reflect our commitment to a healthy life style that we all want to live Everyday offering better choices that help you reach your goals

Director Arbee Biospecialty / CEO Arbee Group

Sanjith Mooppil

Research & product development is the core strength of any company’s growth. Whatever happens research & development should not stop even for single day. A technocrat with more than 10 years of experience in the field of natural products & herbal extracts partnered with Arbee in the race of taking this group to next level of growth with his expertise in commercialization & strategic business approach. He holds couple of strong Innovative Products & Technology Patents & Publications in his accounts and still striving for more here in the segments of Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceutical & Agriculture along with Arbee technical team. He always combines the imagination together with concrete scientific evidence to produce promising and outstanding products. A product which can be commercialized & distributed worldwide with a planned marketing strategy to bring revenue for the company is his vision, mission & dream.

Hard Work & dedication with focused & in-depth research backed by science & technology leads any company to unimaginable heights with the development of innovative bio ingredients products for healthy & green world.

Director Arbee Bio-specialty / Unit Head Arbee Biomarine

Eldho K Thomas

Mr. Eldho K Thomas unit head of Arbee Biomarine is the nephew of our Founder & Chairman Mr. Raju P K. Coming from an engineering background he got inspired by Arbee group and thereby decided to contribute his expertise to the welfare of the company. He is the concrete and dominant figure behind all the construction and commercialization of technology for production. His smiling face, people management and administrative skills has always been a key factor behind the professional skill development of each employee.

To bring the people in touch with the strength and power of nature in leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Head QC, R&D Arbee Biomarine / Biospecialty

Vasupradeep K K

Mr. Vasupradeep K K head of quality and R&D of Arbee Biomarine / Biospecialty is associated with Arbee family for more than 11 years. He is one of the major contributor in setting up the QC, R&D, production facility and implementing all quality standards needed for the growth of business. He is the driving force behind all the current processes, technology and product development which has helped Arbee to rise to pinnacle of success.

Need to achieve high level of excellence in the field of natural ingredients by providing best quality, globally accepted innovative technology.



Partner/Manager Purchase

Jijo James

Head Finance Arbee Group


General Manager Arbee Aquatic


QC Head Arbee Aquatic


HR Consultant