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Raju P K is the founder and chairman of Arbee group of companies, which is one of the leading fish oil companies in the world. He is the backbone of Arbee group, a passionate and dedicated champion who uplifts the moto “never give up, nothing is impossible” with a deep interest in natural products and agriculture.

About Us

Arbee Group a leading fish oil company in India is having presence since 1980, whose major activity is into manufacturing & refining of all grades of fish oils especially form Sardine & Shark liver to a finished products & ingredients used in Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical. As a new initiative this group has decided to expand its reach & products to new level by the introduction of a sister concern called Arbee BIO-SPECIALITIES DIVISION Private limited. The prior aim of this investment is to expand the number of products and brands to meet up to the consistent rising demands of the people for better health and lifestyle,thereby bringing them close to the nature by giving them the feel of nature’s magic touch on them.

Entire world is going through a change already & in this changing world there is more and more specialty cum innovative products to come in making peoples life healthy. We all know health is wealth & if we can make healthier life, we all be having happiness in our life till end. This is one of the strong reasons why Arbee Group Management thought of getting into Specialty and Innovative products through a new division called ARBEE BIO-SPECIALITIES DIVISION . The requirement of strong health care & need for natural products and the new initiative where the technology facilitates invention of specialty products, understanding peoples need has lead to great product development strategy of this new division. With the above mentioned concept and thought process, Arbee group with the intention of expanding the companies reach beyond fish and marine products to value added products from plant, animal & other naturally available sources has decided to start ABSD. ARBEE BIO SPECIALITIES DIVISION handles more than 30 products including marine ingredients, herbal extracts, Essential oils, vegetable seed extracts etc. like Squalane, Phyto squalene, Phyto Squalane, Amaranth Seed Oil, Argon oil, Refined & Crude Glycerin, Bio Pesticides, Bio Fertilizers, Nutraceutical products and many more. The Bio-Specialities Division has all the modern and imported equipments with cutting edge technologies to meet the high end quality requirement of the modern world.

With the Bio Specialities Division under the limelight Arbee is launching few brands ‘DERMAME’ & ‘O2LIVE' which is meant to be natures best Anti ageing and moisturizing agent. DERMAME Fauna is 100% pure Squalane oil which is premium oil & hydrogenated version of Squalene oil. DERMAME Flora is 100% pure Squalane obtained from vegetable oil specifically Olive oil, developed by joined technology with ARBEE & CSIR labs in India. Apart from this Arbee has also planning to joined hands with big distributors in India & Worldwide for further enhancement of product range and its value added products working with formulations and technologies.

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